We are gonna show, how to deploy a static app built using React on Akash Network which is a Decentralized Cloud.

So, what we will need.

Check the article below on reading how to set up Akash wallet and other variables.


1. The React App

So, I have already built one app in React + TS when I was trying to learn functional react (I am from angular background). The repo can be found at the below link. You can skip this step if you have your own app.

if you need to…

So, we will be sharing how to set up Akashnet and what is akashnet. So basically, it is “The world’s first decentralized open-source cloud, and DeCloud for Defi.

Akashnet works on the principle of the decentralized or distributed network where we run our application in parts, like for example DB at one place, the app at one place, file storage at one place. But the traditional system requires us to configure different instances, different configurations and connect to them which is complex and time-consuming.

So, where comes Akashnet is, this provides a single window for doing all this and doing…

Zoom is a popular app for setting up meetings and one good feature is the scheduled meetings. So let read how to set up scheduled meetings from Java Application Using API.

Source- Canva

Steps for zoom meeting setup

Note: Each Api needs authorization, so we have added a…

There was a time when there was a craze of mini games running with flash players in the system and they were fun to play. Games were small with a limited character or map-like racing, stunt, action, hitting, and more. The games have somewhere lost after the arrival of big games like GTA and assassins creed which provide more functions and are better. But all these games have become competitive and have lost the spirit of having just fun.

So, here to bring back memories, we will list you some of the top mini games we found while surfing over…

Top free graphic design websites

A list of 24 top free graphic Design websites for graphic designers and web designers

One of the most clever shortcuts I have found as a creative entrepreneur is to use freebies. Whether you’re working on a new website design or designing a package for your product, you can find high-quality resources to help you speed up the process and get things done in a professional manner.
There are tons of communities sharing free graphic design resources for graphic designers such as mockups, icons, fonts, textures, photos, and much more. Let’s check out this list where one can get the best graphic design inspiration for work.

1. Freepik

Freepik helps you to find free vector art, illustrations

Businesses with cringe brand names frequently get into difficulty because their brand names-which were designed to help them succeed-become a source of humiliation and disgrace.

Let's check out ways How to Avoid a Cringey or Embarrassing Business Name

Countless companies have fallen prey to the hungry jaws of failure due to a lack of understanding of the effect their brand’s name has on their products. And if you don’t want your company to suffer the same fate as Ayds diet candy, make sure you avoid these naming blunders.

1. Avoid Names with Negative International Connotations

With the rate at which everything is becoming digital, don’t expect your brand name to be limited to its immediate surroundings. …

What we can tell you right away from experience — you shorten the life of your laptop without even realizing it. With its careful use and maintenance, it can serve you faithfully for years. Without battery, your laptop is just another desktop as it needs to be plugged in every time. If you take care of your laptop, it can last for more years.

Also read this, if you are planning to buy a laptop


These are 10 things you should avoid doing to extend the life of your laptop.

Avoid Overheating

From its inception onwards, the internet always remained a reason for the change. Now no one in this world is unaware of its influence in our daily lives, knowingly or unknowingly. Similarly, the impact of websites and web applications too changed the fate of the world largely. Because Starting from desktops to laptops, tablets, and smartphones, people’s way of using websites has changed largely. Web application developers now play a crucial role in the success of any business. Also adopting ways to keep in pace with the changing scenario in web development. …

We will be just showing some examples of how you can write SDL to deploy apps on Akash DeCloud

For official docs check here

So, what is SDL.

According to Akash docs,

Customers / tenants define the deployment services, datacenters, requirements, and pricing parameters, in a “manifest” file (deploy.yml). The file is written in a declarative language called Software Definition Language (SDL). SDL is a human friendly data standard for declaring deployment attributes. The SDL file is a “form” to request resources from the Network. SDL is compatible with the YAML standard and similar to Docker Compose files.

so, you…

Hi Guys, we will be today showing how to deploy dockerized apps on Akash decloud. For this example, we will be using modified docker images which provide additional customization without any effort from linuxsever org. Below is the link to one of the images

If you have not checked Akash before, then check previous articles on Akash.

or checks official docs here.

So let’s see how we can deploy Apps.

1. Set up your variables

First of all, you need to set up Akash binary and then set variables. Check the last article to set up variables.

Note: We using mainnet for all operations


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